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      Blog — CBD Benefits

      CBD Top 10 Benefits

      CBD Top 10 Benefits-Matrix CBD Oil

      The 10 Most Common CBD Benefits

      CBD Oil Benefits | CBD Oil Side Effects | You Should Try CBD Oil
      Having CBD oil benefits not only you, but those around you, too. From being able to reduce the amount of daily stress experienced through work to providing essential pain relief to joints, muscles and nerves. The CBD oil benefits are almost endless. As it does not contain active THC, there will be no CBD oil side effects that could cause a negative impact to you, your health or those around you.

      Here at Matrix CBD, we want to be able to bust myths and inform those who could use the CBD oil benefits. So, here’s the 10 most common reasons you should try CBD oil:

      1. CBD Can Help You Relax
      One of the main and most popular reasons you should try CBD oil is for the relaxing and stress relieving properties. Beginning with the lowest dose of 1000mg per small bottle can help you understand how CBD oil side effects

      compare with your body and mind. And, the CBD oil benefits involve the way the CBD attaches to brain receptors to slow down reactions to provide instant relaxation.

      2. CBD Can Help You Sleep
      One of the receptors receiving CBD oil benefits is the cortisol information relay system. And, when CBD oil is taken, it drastically helps to regulate cortisol levels and increase overall sleep quality and duration. There’ll be no more restless nights, especially when using a slow-release CBD patch for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep restoration.

      3. CBD Can Help Your Body Produce Essential Hormones
      Numerous tests and studies to show the CBD oil side effects have focused on stress reduction and cortisol control. However, a by-product of this hormone monitoring is allowing the body and mind to produce positive and ‘happy’ hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.

      4. CBD and depression
      Along the same lines of increasing these so-called ‘happy’ hormones, the CBD oil side effects include being able to treat depression and depressive episodes. Making this one of the key CBD oil benefits. With decreased depression comes
      heightened productivity and love towards others.

      5. CBD and addiction

      Where CBD triggers the release of serotonin, it can also be the cause of antagonising receptors called 5-HT1a. This receptor regulates stress and compulsive behaviours. Which means; CBD oil benefits include being able to treat addictive personalities whether it’s for drugs, drinking, gambling, anxiety or food.

      6. CBD and Heart Health
      Even if you lead a stress-free and depression-free life with good sleep and noncompulsive behaviour, you should try CBD oil for its positive impact on your heart’s health. Time and time again, CBD oil benefits have shown to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Meaning, the likelihood of suffering a heart attack while taking CBD oil is greatly reduced.

      7. CBD and Diabetes
      In recent years, Universities across the UK have been dedicating research to looking into the CBD oil benefits over diabetes. And, it has since been confirmed that CBD oil side effects reduce inflammation to decrease blood glucose levels. Thus, meaning among CBD oil benefits of relaxation and heart health, diabetes prevention is another on a list of many.

      8. CBD and Cancer
      Even the likes of Cancer Research UK have condoned the CBD oil side effects to be a positive contribution to cancer. It has been shown to help battle the vomiting and nausea side effects of chemotherapy. And, when taken alongside a prescriptive dose of THC can reduce cancer-related pain symptoms.

      9. CBD and Seizures/Fits
      After a generous supply of studies where epileptics were supplied either a placebo or CBD oil capsule, the CBD oil benefits have concluded to improve the frequency of seizures. Especially important for developing children, greatly decreasing the level of seizures can help progress onto a stable standard of living.

      10. CBD and Acne
      A final entry in CBD oil benefits, some CBD oil side effects have proven to lessen the severity of acne. As a hormone and receptor-controlling substance, rubbing a small amount of CBD oil on the affected area helps calm within 24-hours. So, for no other reason, you should try CBD oil for the CBD oil benefits for an outbreak.
      Don’t forget to check out the Matrix CBD websites to find out which types of CBD and products you can use to begin to reap the CBD oil benefits.