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      Buy CBD Bath Bombs

      When it’s time to lie back, rest and relax it can be hard to find the time and space you need; which is why we got to work creating a range of CBD bath bombs unlike any other. By combining the finest natural ingredients and organically sourced CBD with a whole host of different scents and aromas, we created a unique collection of CBD bath bombs just for you. It’s a chance to treat yourself, pamper yourself and discover the perfect end to your day all at the same time.
      Every bath bomb we put our name to is made with the same commitment to premium quality ingredients and ethical sourcing we’re known for; allowing you to lie back and relax with everything you need. We test every drop of our CBD oil used in the CBD bath bombs to ensure it’s got less than 0.02% THC, we source it from the finest crops and we bring it all together in a truly unique way. It’s an approach that allows you to experience the difference from the moment it arrives.
      Now that you know how we make our bath bombs here at Matrix CBD, all you need to do is explore our collection to find a scent that hits all the right notes. Whether you want to energise body and mind, switch off and relax, or alleviate stress the natural way, we have the perfect way to do it ready and waiting just for you. CBD bath bombs are perfect for when you want to reconnect with the natural world like never before.

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