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      An Opportunity with CBD Vape E-Liquids

      Unless you have to be living in a cave on a Himalayan mountain top if you have not heard of CBD, CBD vaping, CBD vape e-liquid or CBD oil.  The terminology can be confusing, so in this article, we are going to explain please explain how they are made, and how they are used for their benefits

      CBD E-Liquid, What is it?
      Actually, CBD vape e-liquid is a term that is generally applied to CBD oil which is made to be used with a vaporizer of some type. The most common mechanism of use is when the oil is placed in a pre-filled cartridge used for vaping.  This is not usually pure CBD vape e-liquid oil but is made with a glycol called propylene or vegetable glycerin which thins the liquid so that it can be heated and used in vape mechanisms. These machines use heat to turn the juice into a vapor form. These are created using CO2 by extraction and they can be replaced for reusable use.

      Benefits of CBD Vape E-Liquid?
      Here are a few reported benefits:

      • Natural anti-inflammatory properties which help with joint pain and stiffness, and muscle aches
      • Relieves chronic pain
      • Reduces Nicotine and narcotic withdrawal symptoms
      • Decreases anxiety, mood disorders, and insomnia
      • May help with seizures and epilepsy
      CBD E-liquids have many reported benefits.  While there is a growing amount of clinical research on this topic, there are still many states which have laws regulating the amount and types of isolates which can be used legally.
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