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      CBD Vape

      CBD VAPE


      Vaping CBD juice is a popular and efficient way to experience the benefits of CBD. One of the reasons so many people enjoy vaping CBD juice is because it’s virtually odourless, easy to carry in your pocket, and simple to use almost anywhere! For people who like to have a steady amount of CBD in their body all day long, vaping is an excellent way to make sure they’re getting what they want and need, no matter where they go.
      Before you commit to buying your first CBD vape and CBD juice, there are a few important things for you to know so you can make the best decision for your health – and your pockets.
      Vaping CBD Juice
      One reason why people enjoy CBD vape juice is because they are able to feel the effects almost immediately. Whereas when CBD Juice is ingested, it may take up to 30-minutes for the cannabinoids to take effect on the body.
      CBD vapes have four main components: the battery, heating element, mouthpiece, and CBD oil chamber. The mechanism works when the heating element warms the CBD oil to the temperature it requires to be vaporized, and the user simultaneously inhales the vapour through the mouthpiece.
      There are two styles of CBD vapes on the market. The most popular is the “tank” style in which a battery heats up a single-use or refillable cartridge. The less popular type of CBD vape is the “pen” style which is more often used for CBD concentrates – otherwise known as CBD isolate.
      Tank CBD Vapes
      Tank-style CBD vapes are the type that enables users to produce thick, billowing clouds of exhaled vapour. They require a specific kind of liquid, called CBD vape juice, that is made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavour, and CBD.
      The heating element in tank CBD vapes is either filled or wrapped with cotton nylon, or silica wick. The e-liquid gets absorbed by the wick which is then warmed to a vaporizing temperature by the heating element that is activated by a user’s inhalation through the mouthpiece.
      Typically, tank CBD vape users will purchase refillable and customizable devices. This makes them a great option for users who want to control their experience, although it is high maintenance.
      Pen Style CBD Vapes
      Pen-style CBD vapes are similar to tank CBD vapes, but they are missing one key element: a wick. Pen vapes have a chamber that has a metal coil at the bottom. The metal coil directly heats up the CBD concentrate, eliminating the need for a wick.